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Alina Rodriguez-Rojo is a Cuban-born, Miami-based interdisciplinary textile artist and art educator interested in activism through art education. Rojo works with unconventional materials and a range of garments with personal history. The objects themselves offer her a starting point. They are her secret weapon for weaving visual narratives from scraps. Working predominantly with a sewing machine, Rojo combines machine

embroidery as a drawing tool and sublimation printing on a mix of natural and synthetic fibers.

Her work is influenced by artists such as Eva Hesse and Ansel Kiefer who chose to work with transient materials in the science of alchemy.  “Art has the power to perpetuate time and space and defy the transitory tastes of today’s culture.” Alina



Alina has intersected her 33+ year visual art teaching career to embrace all her passions: fibers and textiles, creative garment design, visual arts, curatorial work, digital design and technology, creative writing, teaching underserved students, and students with disabilities.

She has been organizing juried art shows, lectures, workshops, and interdisciplinary events since 2004.

Alina is the past president for the Dade Art Educators Association and received the Art Leader Award from Florida Art Education Association in 2023. She is one of the founders of the newly established FAMA, Fiber Artists Miami Association.

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